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Dory Fantasmagory, by Young People's Theatre Chicago, at The Greenhouse Theatre. 2023

Scenic Designer 

DORY FANTASMAGORY is a play that was written based off of the well-loved children's book- Dory Fantasmagory. The play follows a young girl with a wild imagination through a day in her home with her siblings and her friends who her siblings don't see. We see the disconnect between her and her siblings caused by the age difference slowly resolve through the play. This new friendship with her siblings makes her almost forget her imaginary friend- Mary. But turns out, that bond cannot be broken. 

Designing the play was super fun because we were designing what a realistic home in the book would look like but through the vision of Dory. Being a play for children, we decided to play with a lot of colour and theatre magic. For example, having the low back wall meant realistically anyone getting to the main door should be visible, so how did a character get there? I also designed a trap door in the cabinet which got a great reaction. 

Research Images

Colour Palette 

Final Ground Plan

Director: Randy White
 Stage Manager: Jordan Large
Lighting Designer: Bridget Williams
Costume Designer: Cindy Moon
Sound Designer: Kurt Ottinger
Props Designer: Saskia Bakker
Technical Director: Hunter Cole
Photographer: Marisa Fee

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