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Sancocho, by Vision Latino Theatre, at Windy City Playhouse. 2022

Scenic Designer & Charge Artist

SANCOCHO is a newly written play by Christin Eve Cato. The show takes us on a journey through the night of two sisters, where secrets are revealed, new family members are exposed, arguments are had, but most importantly Sancocho is made. We watch the night unfold as Caridad makes her abuela's recipe for Sancocho, and tries to teach Retina along the way. The smell grows on set, creating a mouth watering sensation, leaving you hungry. The set is designed to be a home of a proud Puerto Rican using the colours, designs, props and smells. The audience are sat all around, and close: flies on the walls of this home. They enter through the front door of the house, walking through the set, making themselves guests of the house, sitting in line with the couch on set, getting up close and personal with the characters. 

Emotional Response

Research Images

Colour Palette 


Drafting Pack

Director: Xavier Custodio
Playwright: Christin Eve Cato 
Stage Manager: Mia Maccarella  
Lighting Designer: Sebastian Medina
Costume Designer: Yajaira Custodio 
Technical Director: Line Bower

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