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4.48 Psychosis, Sheldon Patinkin Theatre. 2020

Scenic Designer & Charge Artist

The process of 4.48 Psychosis was an interesting one. It was the first show that I designed during Covid-19. This meant that not only did we have to learn how to do a live show over zoom, but I also had to design multiple little rooms for each of the actors to be in, alone, maskless. In addition to this, we had to work out how the actors could safely interact with the shared acting space, that they entered one at a time, throughout the show. The show was never definite, until the week before tech, there was always changes of how the show will be performed, whether it was: all in one set masked, all in separate rooms, all in separate rooms with one bigger room that they could take turns using, and even all actors acting from their home space. In addition to this, an actor got Covid during tech, meaning that they had to go home, but decided to continue on with the show, so we sent them set props, to make their home space fit with the other rooms in the show. 

Director: Annika Kuz
Stage Manager: Rachel Campbell
Lighting Designer: Quinn Chisenhall
Costume Designer: Lindsay Hampton

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