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Livin' It Up, Courtyard Theatre. 2021

Scenic Designer & Charge Artist

Livin' It Up is a Musical New Stew- which is a show that Columbia College Chicago puts up every semester. The show is for new incoming and new transfer students, for them to get a foot into the door and learn the ropes. The show is supposed to highlight the students, and so I decided to keep the set minimal, and have everything on stage something that will help the actors act / dance and move. The 'Livin' It Up' sign is the focal point of the set. I painted it with multiple layers, from dark to light and white highlights. This created a glowing affect and made it a great point to light, as the white really helped the lights reflect. 

Director: Amy Uhl 
Stage Manager: Sarah  Schorle
Lighting Designer: Mickey Fergus
Costume Designer: -

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