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CONTACT: A Case Study, Columbia College Chicago. 2021. 

CONTACT: A Case Study, is a play written specifically for Covid-19 and Zoom Theatre. The play is written by Miguel Rosa Lopez. The play was performed once before, in Puerto Rico with no theatrical set or lighting, in Spanish, but was then re-written in English, to be performed at Columbia College Chicago, with full production value. 

In order for the play to be designed to fit Covid protocol, there had to be a separate set created for each actor. The rooms assigned to us were regular rooms in the building, and not theatre stages, so we had to over-come quite a few obstacles and limitations to create the sets that we dreamt of.

The director asked for the sets to look hyper-realistic, so that the audience at home could connect to the characters, and their Covid-19 experiences.

Set 1: Model Box

Set 2

Set 4

Set 1

Set 3

Set 5

Set 6

Director: Tommy Rivera-Vega
Stage Manager: Esau Anderson
Lighting Designer: Connor Sale
Costume Designer: Nathalie Silva 


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